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"Emotion first! Then comprehension." (Paul Gauguin)


End-to-end customer experience analytics

Who we are
Neuralya is a team of marketing and innovation experts who have designed and created a platform that helps companies improve every interaction with their consumers by understanding emotions during the entire process of purchasing.
We use innovative technologies to measure brand reactions and offer a strategy that helps our customer grow their business.
Chi siamo?
Neuralya è costituita da un team di esperti di marketing e innovazione che hanno progettato e realizzato una piattaforma che aiuta le aziende a migliorare ogni interazione con i consumatori comprendendo le emozioni durante l'intero processo di acquisto.
Utilizziamo tecnologie innovative per misurare le reazioni ai brand e offrire una strategia che ti aiuti a far crescere il tuo business.
Neuralya was born from an intuition of Gianmarco Troia, the CEO of Qwince, and his team. Gianmarco has a long experience in the healthcare / pharmaceutical industry and with his company keeps designing and implementing innovative solutions. One of Qwince's main activities concerns the testing of emerging technologies, mostly for healthcare. In 2014, during an event in London showing the latest innovations "Made in the UK", Gianmarco had the opportunity to try a new helmet able to detect brain waves. This technology tested stress levels and it was extraordinarily fascinating to see how the brain reacted unconsciously to sounds and other stimuli.
This event was the opportunity to progressively approached neuromarketing with the aim of helping customers understand if their communication strategy was effective, but especially to make sure that visitors to their stores or websites or simply their target audience could become loyal consumers. Then Neuralya was born. This platform collects the physiological reactions of users in real time, interprets and analyzes these signals by applying neuroscience methodologies and algorithms.
Feelings First
The aim of Neuralya is to synch data collected by different devices in a single platform, not with a diagnostic purpose but in order to feel more deeply the customers' desires and the natural / instinctive perception of what they see and hear during a purchase experience and what influences their choice.
To help companies in formulating successful sales strategies and undertake the most effective activities to retain their customers.
To listen and recognize the deepest customers' emotions and to interpret their unconscious choices.
"95% of our purchase decision making takes place in the subconscious mind.
But how can we reach the subconscious?" (Zaltman)

Carlo Nuccio

CEO of Neuralya

Neuroscientists believe that 95% of our choices originate from subconscious brain activities (Zaltman, 2003) and that man’s emotional mind decides before his cognitive area.

The connection between emotional and cognitive mind is the basis of our reactions to external stimulus and of our learning/behavior. These reactions generate neurovegetative responses such as skin conductance, variations in heart and respiratory rate, sweating, paleness, redness etc . which are completely unconscious and automatic. The emotional mind activates before the cognitive one and uses these data to stimulate the physical reactions that lead each individual to act.

So if it is true what Battisti and Mogol write in a well-known song “Understanding you can’t. You call them if you want emotions” it is also true, however, that today technology offers us advanced technological devices capable of measuring the neurovegetative reactions recorded during an user experience.

This was our challenge. Can we know the emotions even before they have been filtered by the cognitive mind? Can we get to grasp the moments in which our unconscious responds to what is happening around us? And again, can we have parameters that “measure” the emotional impact of a stimulus? Neuralya is all of this.

Neuralya analyzes the emotions of consumers while they watch an advertising spot, listen to a gingle, browse a website, display an exhibitor in a store or a painting in an art gallery and also thanks to a simple and intuitive dashboard offers insights for analyze consumer behavior in places where any experience is lived.

Neuralya is a wonderful and fascinating journey within modern technologies with the aim of analyzing and “measuring” our emotions in order to understand if they are consistent with the marketing policies adopted by companies.

“Consumer don’t think how they feel. They don’t say what they think and they don’t do what they say.” (David Ogilvy)


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