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We help companies building memorable purchasing experience for their customers thanks to unceasing research of advanced innovative technology and scientifically validated methods. We aspire to represent the ideal partner for everyone who want to transform their stores’ visitors in loyal customers.
Why Neuralya?

Main Benefits.

Optimal Store Layout

Defines the optimal layout of your website or point of sale, by identifying areas for improvement.

Focus Area Optimization

Identifies the areas with the highest effectiveness of your displays and merchandising structures.

Marketing Effectiveness

Evaluates the effectiveness of the communication campaigns and merchandising on specific products.

Resource Assigning

Helps the store manager in assigning sales staff to areas with more traffic.

Conversion Rate Improvement

Helps to improves the sales convertion rate of the focus areas by analyzing the entrances, the dwell time and the sentiment of the customers.

Audience Profiling

Track your products audience setting specific keywords.

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