"Do you know
how your on line
brand reputation is
perceived ?"

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Neuralya Social

Customer Listening and Profiling on Social and Web pages

How it works?
Based on KPI6, Neuralya Social uses social listening and machine learning to:

  • Understand how the brand is perceived on social media.
  • Acquire information and profile the audience

Decision making process
1. Interest and brand reputation
2. Personality Traits
3. Locations Analytics
4. Sentiment
5. Gender Analysis
6. Audience segmentation

How We Do

Our Technologies

KPI6 is the all-in-one Media Intelligence platform where Social Listening meets Artificial Intelligence to help you succeed in your daily business challenges.

Our Process

The customer gives details about the account to monitor and about interest topics.
During this fase the length of the monitoring and the target audience are defined. Eventually will be an audience profiling.
At this point all the data inherent to the topics chosen by the customer are collected.
This phase includes the analysis of the data collected for each task during the study with the trend identification and insights’ highlights. The analysis is based on automatic algorithms and data scientist team’s review.
Our team of experts works with you to innovate your product, brand and business using Neuralya insights and intelligence. Then we deliver a full strategy on how to improve your performance and achieve your business’ goals.

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